Frequently Asked Questions

How fresh is Truce?
At Truce, we are committed to the freshest product possible. We press juice every day at our North Loop production kitchen and distribute same day to all our stores. To read more about the difference between our juice and other companies claiming to be fresh, check out our bulletin post.

How many days is a Truce juice fresh?
Our juice has a shelf life of 4 days.

How does juicing work at Truce?
We use a large hydraulic press, which is considered the gold standard of juicing. The produce is first gently shredded and then the pulp is pressed using metal plates, which apply thousands of pounds of pressure to extract the most juice and nutrients out of the produce.  We organically compost the leftover pulp/fiber from this process. 

Is Truce organic?
All of the produce used for juices, smoothies, salads, and other food items at Truce is 100% organic. We receive our produce from Co-op Partners, a distributor of organic produce servicing the Upper Midwest. They source as many local ingredients as possible using a unique energy-efficient distribution method. Visit their website for more detailed information and farmer profiles.

I’ve heard it’s best to drink juice right after it’s made, is this true?
Our hydraulic press machine uses less heat and less oxidation resulting in less degradation of natural enzymes and antioxidants. This allows vital nutrients and minerals to stay intact for longer. Centrifugal or masticating juicers (like what you might use at home) use fast spinning metal blades that generate heat and bring in extra air, in turn destroying enzymes and oxidizing nutrients; these juices should be consumed immediately after they are made, while ours stay fresh for four days.

Why aren’t the juices made to order?
The large-scale machine we use is most efficient when juicing high volumes at once. We do one large juice press per day in our North Loop kitchen which supplies all of our stores. We worked long and hard to create recipes that both taste great and are great for you. We bottle them so that you can grab one and be on your way to nutritional wellness as soon as possible!  

How many bottles of juice should I drink in a day?
It’s up to you! Many people drink juice as a supplement to their everyday diet. Some people drink juice as a replacement for meals and as a jumpstart to a healthier lifestyle. Do what works best for your nutritional needs.

If I happen to buy more juice than I can drink, can I freeze the rest?
While freezing the juice may increase its longevity and the juice will likely still taste good, it will alter the structure of live enzymes, which are an optimal health component in an unpasteurized product.

How many calories are in each bottle?

We believe that consuming bountiful amounts of raw, organic produce is more important than calorie counting. We also understand that certain diets and nutritional lifestyles require some people to count. Below you'll find our best averages for calorie information. 

Our juices range from 80-120 calories per bottle, the low end being the greens. Our cashew milks are a bit higher around 200 calories per bottle due to the nut content. Our Cocobombe is around 300 calories as it contains raw coconut meat from Young coconuts, which have a naturally high caloric count along with healthy essential fatty acids. 

Why are the juices so expensive?
Pounds upon pounds of fresh organic produce are in each 16oz bottle of Truce - more than you could ever eat in one sitting. As many of you know, at-home juicing is expensive, messy, and time consuming, and unfortunately it's no different when doing it on a larger scale. Additionally our commitment to organic results in a higher price point. 

What should I drink for (protein, hangover, post workout, etc)?
While each of our juice combinations works great in a variety of settings, it is true that each of them carries unique benefits, tailored to help you thrive throughout your day and at various points in your health. Check out our Juice page to learn more about the specific benefits of each juice.

Tell me about your cleanses?
We have 3 different cleanse options. Choose a cleanse, and how many days you would like to cleanse for. The Take It Easy cleanse is great for beginners and offers more variety. The Make a Truce cleanse is vegetable juice based, with less fruit. The Complete Cleanse provides a salad and soup each day for extra fiber. 

You may order a cleanse online. We ask for 48 hours notice for all cleanses. All cleanses and special orders are considered final sale and non refundable. 

Other questions or comments?
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Photos courtesy of Colleen Eversman of 2nd Truth and Krystal Greven.