Why cleanse?

Although our bodies are equipped with systems that naturally break down and eliminate toxins, they sometimes need extra help.

Our lungs, liver, kidneys, colon, lymphatic system, and skin all work together to keep the body clean. These are the organs and systems in our bodies that are responsible for the process of detoxification; the purpose of a cleanse is to assist each one in its unique functioning.

We are exposed to toxic elements on a daily basis: environmental pollution, chemicals in our air, water, and homes, pesticides and unhealthy ingredients in our food, processed foods, and harmful ingredients in our cleaning and beauty products. Even stress, anxiety, depression, and negative thinking can be toxic to the body and impact our wellbeing.

The good news is, there are many things we can do to protect our bodies, and cleansing is a fantastic way to help strengthen and renew our health.

Why juice?

Juice cleansing is a longstanding detoxification option that has recently grown in popularity and notoriety. A juice cleanse involves fresh juice as either the single source of food during the cleanse or as a meal-replacement supplement. Cleansing gives the colon, liver, and kidneys a chance to rest and repair by removing the fiber from the fruit and vegetables, allowing vital nutrients and vitamins to hit the bloodstream more directly and quickly. 

Truce believes that anyone can do a juice cleanse; each individual should determine the length and level of a juice cleanse that is most appropriate for their personal lifestyle. You can always start with one juice a day and work your way up to a multi day cleanse. 

For pricing information and detailed cleanses please visit our SHOP page. For more detailed information on cleansing, including how to prepare for a cleanse and cleanse benefits, check out our cleanse guide below.