All Things Alkaline

We're so happy to now be offering alkaline water at Truce and we do so knowing the importance of balancing your body's pH.  Why is this so important for your health?  Disease, whether mild or severe, can not take root in a body with balanced pH.  Given what we're bombarded with on a daily basis, whether it be from stress, environmental toxins, or what we ingest, bringing our body back to optimal pH requires a conscious effort. 

The pH (short for "potential of hydrogen") of our body is the measure of alkalinity or acidity of our body's fluids and tissues and it's measured on a scale from 0 to 14, with the strongest acidity being 0, neutral being 7, and strongest alkalinity being 14.  Different organs in our body have different pH's and for good purpose.  For example, we want our stomach to be slightly acidic so that it can properly break down our food.  But overall, the optimal pH for our body is slightly alkaline, at about a 7.365.  

Though there are many sources of acidity and toxicity in our lives, diet is the main culprit.  If you're eating a diet heavy on salt, dairy, animal protein, processed foods, alcohol, and grains, and bringing in very little fruit and vegetables, then you're in need of a good re-balance.  Fruit and vegetables buffer acidity, but unfortunately the general population is very low on these foods.  Even fruit that is acidic in nature, like lemons, tomatoes and grapefruit, are actually digested alkaline by our bodies and contribute to an alkaline environment.  

I'm not saying we should stay away from all acidic foods.  We just need a conscious balance.  Nuts and eggs, for example, are acidic but have very important nutrients for us.  It's just a matter of recognizing whether your diet is largely acidic, sticking to eating food that looks like food (aka not processed!), and incorporating more alkaline food into your diet.  Fruits and vegetables are alkaline forming, especially in raw form, like in juices.  

On top of our raw alkaline juices at Truce, we incorporate alkaline water into our cashew milks and charcoal lemonades, and also offer it bottled at a 9.0 pH.   In my opinion, a good quality water is so important because the body IS largely water (70-80%). On top of that, blood is largely water (about 92%)! So therefore, getting the best water seems very crucial to me. Alkaline water is important for cleansing, hydrating and balancing our body, as well as providing antioxidants (which help fight free radicals from damaging the body).  Most water, especially tap and purified bottled water, are acidic and void of antioxidants.  

There's no miracle water or single food that cures everything, but given that what we ingest becomes our bodies on a cellular level, I believe in making it the best quality, and of course at Truce, that is what we're all about offering.  Given that 70% of the immune system is in the digestive tract, food and a healthy digestive system is key in preventing as well treating disease.  Remember that disease cannot thrive in an alkaline state.  Acidity, whether it be from our water, food, stress level, the products we use, or what we breath in, leaches minerals from our bones and tissues.  Returning to an alkaline state and making a conscious effort to maintain this balance is a crucial key to our health!


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