Mid-Summer Reboot!

Hard to believe it's mid-summer already!  Fourth of July festivities, summer vacations and weekend get-aways have been gratefully enjoyed, with ideally more in the works before it's back-to-school and/or back-to-the-grind. I've heard more than a few times, "I started out so well . . .", so I'm thinking this might be a perfect time for us all to re-evaluate where we are with our health and what we put into our body.  Have you maybe indulged more than usual, or have one too many back-yard barbecues knocked you off-course?  It's all good, happens to us all, but now could be the perfect time to re-start your summer so you go into Fall feeling strong.  For some, it may be picking back up their workout routine. For others, it might be getting back to eating foods that work for them and re-building that self-control they know they have, they just have to find again. 

A mid-summer cleanse could be just what you need to reboot your health.  And it seems we're not the only ones who think so, as we see daily cleanse orders rise!  A cleanse can be one day, two days, three days, or even more depending on the individual.  Each option is beneficial and it really depends on what your body needs.  If you're looking to just get back on-track and lighten up for a day, then a one or two day cleanse might be just enough.  If you're feeling like you need to let your digestive system rest and repair (you can be honest with yourself just how much you feel you've indulged!), then you might take a look at a 3-day cleanse option.  The idea behind a juice cleanse is that the nutrition packed into the juices is readily taken up into the blood stream, allowing the gut to rest and the body to repair.  Besides allowing you a chance to reset your eating habits, most also experience increased energy, mental clarity, stress reduction, clearer skin and brighter eyes, and a better functioning digestive system by the end of their cleanse. 

At Truce, we have 3 different cleanse options, 2 of which are made of entirely juices for the day and comprise of 6 juices per day.  Our "Take it Easy" option contains more fruit and is usually recommended if you're new to juicing, while our "Make a Truce" option contains more greens and is usually for those that juice more regularly.  Our third option is the "Complete Cleanse", which includes 3 juices, a salad and a soup.  This is a great option if you're just not sure you can handle a day of only liquids! It's also wonderful for easing-in or easing-off of one of our other cleanses that's juice-only.  

Regardless of what you choose, if you're looking to push the reset button, you can't go wrong with a cleanse.  We are happy to guide you in picking the best option for you, so don't hesitate to stop in or give a call.  Your body, mind and spirit will be grateful for it!


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