Apple Cider Vinegar - A Magical Tonic

I truly feel like apple cider vinegar is a "multipurpose" solution, the go-to for preventing a slew of illnesses and conditions as well as part of any good protocol for healing.  And it just so happens to be part of our unique and tasty Grapefruit-Aloe-Apple Cider Vinegar shot.  

Here's why apple cider vinegar is just so amazing PLUS different ways that you can include it in your diet:

Because of its acidic profile, apple cider vinegar (ACV from now on) is a major germ-buster.  It's super anti-microbial and antibacterial. I'm sure you can see now why it's a remedy for so many things . . . a perfect sanitizer within and without the body!  ACV is amazing if you have a cold with a lot of congestion, as the ACV helps break up mucus. As well, it's shown to be beneficial in helping and eliminating heartburn and acid reflux.  This is pretty major, as there are so many people with this uncomfortable condition these days.  Heartburn and acid reflux are due to too LITTLE acid in the stomache.  To improve the acid profile in your stomach and aid with digestion, take a tablespoon of ACV mixed with water, or take it in a shot like we have at Truce.  This is especially recommended before eating if you suffer from heartburn and acid reflux, indigestion, or if you know you're going to be eating some pretty heavy foods.

ACV taken on its own can be a little rough . . it tastes like, well vinegar.  But mixed with water and a little honey or stevia makes it an easy mixture.  We use in-house freshly squeezed organic grapefruit juice with our ACV, a nice combo not only for taste but for added health benefits.  Grapefruit juice is high in vitamin C, strengthening our immune systems.  It also has a high enzyme profile, low calorie count, and is super hydrating given its high water content.  For an extra vitamin boost, we also add aloe vera juice to our shot.  Aloe is high in vitamins A, B-12, C, and E, as well as folic acid which boosts the immune system.  It's also an anti-inflammatory, and like its counterparts in the shot, high in antioxidants, both of which promote healing from the inside out.

Ok, but what is apple cider vinegar exactly?  When you crush an apple with stem, skin and seeds intact, you create what is called apple must. The must then goes through fermentation which turns the sugar in the apple into alcohol.  The alcohol is then turned into acetic acid during oxygenation, given ACV the health benefits it's known for.   It's important that the ACV is also organic, raw, unfiltered and unpasteurized.  Non-organic apples contain many pesticides and GMOs.  Using a raw ACV means that is hasn't gone through any filtration or chemical process, which some brands do to make it look "clear and pretty" in the bottle, but which robs it of its beneficial nutrients.  You want unfiltered and "with the mother", which means there may be some floaty things in the bottom of the bottle but this is the good stuff, produced from the fermentation process and containing the live bacteria and enzymes that make it so powerful.  You also want unpasteurized as pasteurizing kills the live and powerfully beneficial bacteria. We incorporate all these guidelines in choosing the ACV to use in our shots.

There are loads of other uses and benefits of apple cider vinegar.  It's useful in something so small as curing annoying hiccups and sore throats, and in something so big as helping to prevent heart disease.  ACV protects from arterial damage and oxidation, which is the main risk with high cholesterol and heart disease.  If you're looking to lose a few pounds, ACV is great to include, as its acidic profile helps to suppress appetite, increase metabolism and reduce water retention.  ACV is high in antioxidants, which helps fight unwanted "things" (aka free radicals) in your body, boosting your immune system and body's ability to ward off sickness.  Because it's such a germ-fighter, it's also great for the mouth and I use it in making my own mouthwash. It helps remove stains, whiten teeth, and kill bacteria.


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