Ginger & Turmeric - A Powerful Duo

Talk about a dose of "wellness", this Ginger-Turmeric shot is it! This is an amazing anti-inflammatory, antioxidant combo that's sure to turn on your body's natural defenses . . . and take your breath away. This duo packs a powerful punch for sure. The ginger and turmeric roots are juiced together and then combined with a little lemon, honey and cayenne to up the anti-bacterial and digestive benefits even more.  Let's break down the amazingness behind these powerhouse roots.

Ginger, ahhh one of my favorite spices and exactly for that reason - the spiciness it brings to the table. Or shot in this case. It has an amazing power to stimulate digestion by warming the digestive tract, making it more ready to receive and digest what you eat. This stimulating/warming effect is why its also useful for also relieving indigestion. It's warming properties also help the body detox by removing toxins and fighting bacteria and free radicals.  Ginger is also a strong anti-inflammatory. Inflammation is part of any disease, so hence the importance of reducing any signs of inflammation in our body. And as if that's not enough, it's well-known for relieving nausea related to motion-sickness, pregnancy and chemotherapy.

Turmeric can more commonly be found in its dried powdered form than its root form.  The powdered turmeric is one of the key ingredients used in making curry powder found in Asian dishes. At Truce, we use the roots. Curcumin, which is a substance in turmeric that gives the root and powder its gold pigment, is said to be one of the strongest cancer fighting nutrients studied today. The unique thing about its antioxidant strength is that it not only neutralizes free radicals (meaning it basically blocks them directly from causing damage in the body), but it also stimulates the body's OWN antioxidant enzymes. Therefore, it's like a 2-in-1 defense for the body, fighting disease while stimulating the body to do so also! Curcumin also targets multiple steps in the inflammatory pathway, making it a very strong anti-inflammatory nutrient. To sum it up, turmeric/curcumin is good in both preventing and treating illness! 

An interesting historical side note . . . the use of turmeric can actually be dated back to 3,000 BC.  To give perspective on just how prized and highly sought-after a spice it was, it is thought that the "gold, frankincense, and myrrh" that the Bible says Jesus was given was actually "turmeric, frankincense and myrrh". Whoa!

So combine ginger and turmeric and It's wellness in a small but loaded bottle. Take it straight up like the boss you are, or drop it in one of our juices to "diffuse" its power a bit. Enjoy!  

P.S. I recommend taking this shot in the morning or early afternoon, as the turmeric gives a natural energy boost.  Bottoms up!


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