Fall Happenings!

Where did summer go? Le sigh. Not to worry, Fall is packed with awesome happenings at Truce:

  • We're teaming up with Origin Meals and WholeMe for the Real Food Rebuild. We collaborated on a program that takes away the stress of planning, shopping and cooking healthy meals. It isn’t a diet or a fad. It’s an easy way to help you eat clean so you can feel good. You can select from a 2 or 4 week program and get 5 days of breakfast, lunch, dinner, a Truce juice & a WholeMe snack, delivered to a convenient location near you. This is such a cool way to enter a new season and your body will thank you for all of the whole, healthy foods! Head over to Origin's website to find out all the info you need. 
  • We will be at Bellyrama this Saturday Sept 13 sampling juice. A yoga filled event for all mamas, mamas to be, or anyone with a mama, come check it out!
  • Immunity is back! Our most popular fall juice, immunity is loaded with extra ginger, helping to fight off seasonal illness and provide you with a supercharged immunity boost. If you love your juice with a kick, this is the one for you!
  • For the fall & winter we will be closing Sundays at 5pm
  • Meet our stellar team! Over the next couple of weeks we will be featuring our rad employees who make Truce what it is, stay tuned!

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