Summer of Truce: Mill City Sweetness

It’s hard to live in the Twin Cities and not follow some part of the music scene. Every kind of music has a place and you can hear something different every night of the week. That doesn’t mean it never gets stale. By now you’ve been to First Avenue enough that it’s not even that big of a deal anymore. Since it’s summer you’ve also seen plenty of bands play in parks, maybe even before a movie. You’ve checked the Triple Rock, the Kitty Cat Klub, Cause (R.I.P.), the Xcel, Amsterdam Bar & Hall, the 331, and at least a couple block parties off of your live music bucket list—so what’s left?

Mill City Live. Never heard of it? They’re in their eleventh season so that falls on you. It’s an outdoor concert series put on by the Mill City Museum and 100% the best place to see live music this summer. If you’re an avid Instagrammer, it’s 1000% the best place to see live music this summer. It takes place in the museum’s open air “Ruin Courtyard,” so get out your smartphone and filter away! Overdose on exposed brick! Get to 11 “likes” faster than you ever have before!

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, let’s back up a little. You’ve most likely seen the Ruins Courtyard from the Stone Arch Bridge or biked by it on the West River Parkway. It’s that one place under the Gold Medal Flour sign that looks like a castle that has eroded over time or, you know, was sieged by hundreds of catapults. On August 7th, 13th, 20th, and 27th there will be bands playing in this picturesque outdoor space for only $5!

Bonus round: Not only does the admission get you an outdoor concert, it gets you entry into the museum (normally $11 for adults). Now you’ve got your summer night, your mind-blowing local music, an Instagram with 11+ “likes,” and a huge museum at your disposal. But something’s missing—something sweet.

Of course! You’re missing out on that perfect drink to sip on while getting your groove on. By the time music starts at 6pm, you’re going to be hungry. Whether you’ve already eaten and are looking for a sweet treat or need something to tide you over until dinner, our Cacao and Spicy Cacao Almond Milks are just the thing. While they taste (and sound) like dessert, you won’t regret them the next morning. Made exclusively from organic ingredients, these will give your body much-needed calcium, B vitamins, and Vitamin E antioxidants. On taste alone, this is something for everyone. For the kids or the young at heart, the Cacao Almond Milk is a healthy version of chocolate milk. For those with a more refined palate, the Spicy Cacao version includes cinnamon, vanilla, and cayenne. Whichever you choose, they will ward off any hangriness, leaving you to enjoy all Mill City Live has to offer.

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-Alex Lauer

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