Summer of Truce: Free Days, Bike Rides, and Easy Greens

Some will tell you that spring is the best time for biking. The hardcore winter riders shed their goggles and put on thinner tires. Others dust off the cobwebs and lug their single-speeds out of the basement. Bike lanes thaw and flood with cyclists. But it’s after the peak of summer, after you’ve ridden some serious miles and built up those calf muscles again, that bike season really takes off. Yes, you’re ready to take that day trip.

It’s the middle of August! If you have a bicycle and haven’t taken a day bike trip yet this summer, now is the time to plan it. If you’ve already checked this activity off of your summer list, time to plan another one. There are enough hot days left that you can end your trip at a lake for a picnic and swim. On the other hand, there are plenty of crisp autumn days ahead for a trip to the apple orchard—just make sure to hook up a basket or rack to carry your produce.

That’s really the key to this whole thing: planning. Anyone can ride their bike around the block—I bet you could even make it on two flat tires at night without any lights (don’t actually try that). But not everyone takes their bike beyond city limits. You should. So if it’s a whole day of two-wheeled adventure you’re looking for, here is some help with your plan:

  • Choosing A Group: Obviously, you should be choosing to go with people you like and who won’t leave you in the dust. If you’re a fair-weather biker who hasn’t been out much this year, maybe don’t go with your bike delivery friend.

  •  Thousands of Routes: Bike infrastructure in the Twin Cities is only increasing as time goes on, so there are almost an unlimited number of ways to bike through Minneapolis and St. Paul to get to more exotic locales. Check out the Minneapolis bike map, the Three Rivers Park District website, and a custom biking map like to choose a detailed route. Want my ideal day trip? Roundtrip to Excelsior, for sure. Meet at Truce > get on the Midtown Greenway > Cedar Lake Regional Trail > Lake Minnetonka LRT Regional Trail > Water Street in downtown Excelsior. It’s a relaxed distance at around 40 miles and Excelsior has those comforting small town summer vibes with enough to keep city folk entertained (ever heard of Excelsior Brewing Co.?).

  • Fuel Before: When you meet at Truce to fuel up before starting your day, you’re going to want something that will give you sustained energy and enough greens to justify a couple beers at Excelsior Brewing Co. or custard at Adele’s. If you’re with friends new to cold-press juicing, try the Easy Greens. A mellow green juice for newcomers and those not into the spicy ginger in Morning Greens, Easy Greens is a smooth mix of kale, cucumber, apple, and lime. In particular, this juice is alkalizing, which means evening out the natural pH of your blood in favor of healthy digestion, energy production, and strong white blood cells. It’s best to begin your day with a green juice and let it kickstart your internal systems, especially when engaging in sustained physical activity like a bike trip.

  • Go Early, Stay Late: These day trips are not the time to sleep in. Wake up with the sun, meet us at Truce, chit-chat with the super friendly person behind the counter, then you've got the whole day ahead of you! Make sure you reach your destination halfway through the day, not as the sun is going down. You'll want a good amount of light when biking back home on unfamiliar trails.

If you stop at Truce during a bike trip this summer, make sure to tag your pictures #SummerOfTruce and @drinktruce so we can see them! Let us know which juice is your two-wheel fuel.

-Alex Lauer 

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