Summer of Truce: Movies In The Parks

My perfect morning starts with a green juice. A lot of Truce regulars go for their daily Hardcore Greens, but I’m more of a Morning Greens guy myself. The name makes it an easy choice, but it’s the ginger that seals it for me—mixing well with the vegetables and kicking my early-hour grogginess. The tougher choice for most people comes later in the day. A lot of people ask, “What’s a good juice after 6pm?”

My go-to is Roots. It’s definitely a treat-yo-self moment taste-wise with the sweet blend of beet, carrot, and orange. The addition of ginger and chard make it a health-nut’s dream, mixing in leafy greens but giving your palate a totally non-green flavor. If you like the ginger in Morning Greens, you definitely need to give Roots a go. But don’t think those first three ingredients are just there for flavoring. The natural nitrates in beets help oxygen flow and increase energy; the antioxidants in carrots and oranges help rejuvenate the skin; and orange juice can help reduce inflammation if you’ve filled your day with carbohydrates and fats.

Now that you’ve got your sweet, spicy, and salubrious juice, you need somewhere to enjoy it. For me, there’s no place better than a movie in the park. If you haven’t been, you’ve at least driven or biked by one. It’s hard to miss them with films playing in Minneapolis parks Monday through Saturday every week until August 23rd. So far I’ve been to The Princess Bride (classic), Rent (best movie adaptation of a musical), and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (yes, it’s amazing).

The films always start 15 minutes after sunset so that it’s dark enough to see the projection. That means they’re on the late side, especially if you’re going on a weeknight or with kids. So you’ll need a juice that keeps you awake. Then, because you’ll be sitting under the stars with your friends on a perfect summer night, you’ll need something that tastes like a treat. For both of those, Roots has you covered.

There are lots of movies to choose from, all of which you can see at To make the choice a little less overwhelming I’ve picked out some of the best films left this season:

Friday, July 25th - Breakfast at Tiffany’s @ Lake Harriet Bandshell

Monday, August 4 - Back to the Future @ Linden Hills Park

Monday, August 11 - Ferris Bueller’s Day Off @ Windom Park NE

Friday, August 15 - Ocean’s 11 @ Lake Harriet Bandshell

Monday, August 18 - Gravity @ Bryant Square Park

Friday, August 22 - Mystery Men @ Lake Harriet Bandshell

If you want to be the most prepared group there, be sure to bring blankets, sweatshirts, bug spray, snacks, and—now that you’re in the know—Roots.

ps. If you’re out-and-about this summer drinking Truce, throw #SummerOfTruce on your insta or tweet so we can see it!

-Alex Lauer

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