Eat - Mint

You’ve probably run into mint sometime today, but have you eaten it?

As a bad breath killer in toothpaste, a soothing addition to your happy hour mojito, or a rejuvenating part of your aromatherapy session—mint is more common than you might think. While we’ll always be grateful for that refreshing stick of peppermint gum when we need it, the herb has so much more to offer. At Truce, we add organic mint to our juices for the health benefits as much as the taste.

Now that we’ve brought back A.M.P. (apple/mint/pineapple) and Restart (watermelon, cucumber, mint, lime) for the summer, we thought we’d give you a rundown of the top 5 reasons to get a juice with mint next time you’re in the shop!

  1. Aids in digestion, whether you’re just about to eat or are experiencing indigestion
  2. Gives a boost of energy, acting as a (natural) stimulant when ingested
  3. Keeps skin cells healthy and reduces oily skin with Vitamin A
  4. Contains rosmarinic acid, an antioxidant which helps relieve seasonal allergy symptoms
  5. High potassium content helps maintain healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels 

This summer, trade out your mint julep at Canterbury Park for a Restart or your refined-sugar-soda for a much healthier and tastier A.M.P. Your body (and mouth) will thank you.

-Alex Lauer

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