Summer of Truce: Prepping for Pride

Happy TC Pride! It’s looking to be the largest and most thrilling celebration yet, largely because this is the first event since same-sex couples were given the right to marry in Minnesota. Some of you may have already started the celebrations with Margaret Cho at Orchestra Hall last night or Queertopia at Intermedia Arts, but don’t fret if you’re just hearing about it now. There’s a whole weekend of LGBTQ events ahead! And that’s why we’re here...

When it comes to full-weekend festivals like this, the last thing on our minds is getting the right vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients for our bodies. Yet this is the time when we need them the most. Let’s break it down. Here’s a sample weekend of Pride activities (with some of our favorite events picked out):


  • After work, beeline straight for Loring Park for the Beer Dabbler. It’s 27 local breweries, 27 local food trucks, music, and more.
  • Finish the night off at First Avenue with Shannon Blowtorch, Nadine DuBois, and Sweetpea’s Grown & Sexy party taking over the mainroom.


  • Spend all day in Loring Park at the TC Pride Festival. There’ll be weddings, music, bingo, a dog park, a beer garden, tons of booths, and fireworks at 10pm.
  • Head over to Intermedia Arts on Lyndale for the final night of Queertopia, a local LGBTQ performance art series.
  • Dance ‘til you drop at the Gay 90’s because, really, you can’t do Pride without going there at least once.


In this schedule I see lots of openings for drinking and eating less than healthy food. If you’re going to be out celebrating all weekend, or even just out in the sun during the festival and parade, you’re going to need to prepare so you can make it to Monday morning.

All of our juices have pounds of organic produce in them, allowing the nutrients to absorb into your body faster and more effectively than eating the fruits and vegetables whole. With essential vitamins and minerals in each juice, come in with the group you’re going out with this weekend and grab one of each color. Everyone can get a taste of each juice and you’ll get a healthy kickstart for a non-stop weekend celebrating the LGBTQ community.

-Alex Lauer

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