CARE- How to ENJOY any chore or task


Do you ever have those days where you wake up, knowing the only things on the agenda are things you've been putting off all week (...or month)? I let my really undesirable tasks pile up, so when I have a day at home, my 'to do' list includes such gems as 'pay bills,' 'respond to emails,' 'do (10) loads of laundry,' 'give the dogs a bath,' etc. Usually, I dread these days, but, unable to fight the urge to be productive, I tackle them anyway and check things off my list one by one. On a particularly cold and rainy day a month ago, I picked up my to do list and thought "today is the day I spice things up!" And I've been looking forward to my task-heavy days at home ever since.  For me, all it took was two simple additions, and I bet if you give these a try, you'll find your chores immensely more enjoyable!

1. Pull out that overpriced, luxurious candle you've been saving (or splurge on a new candle with an amazing scent). Any candle will do, really, but if it's one that you only light when company is over, save for bubble-baths, or in any other way feels special, all the better. Light it. Park it somewhere nearby where you can see it and smell it. Spend a moment enjoying it.

2. Next, put on some music. Determine what type of mood you WANT to be in while you complete your first task. I like to choose a really upbeat playlist (dance or workout mixes) while I do laundry.. nothing wrong with busting a move while sorting loads. And for computer work that requires more concentration, I opt for some slower, more folksy jams. I tend to change playlists for each task, just to keep it exciting and to keep the energy varied. 

Easy, right? But so effective. Try implementing these two task-day tools, and let us know if you have other go-to methods for making chores and tasks more enjoyable. 

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