Eat - Almonds

At Truce, we’re highly selective with our nuts. Which is why when it comes to milks and smoothies, we’re almonds all the way. Most raw, unsalted nuts are great sources of natural fats and protein – think walnuts, cashews, and macadamia nuts – but almonds are the clear winner when it comes to bang for your buck. Here are 8 reasons almonds are the king (or queen) of nuts:

  1. More fiber content than other nuts - a handful of almonds is 12% of your daily recommended intake
  2. Excellent source of Vitamin E - helps protect your cells from oxidative damage
  3. Magnesium rich - keeps your bone tissue healthy and supports your metabolism
  4. Great source of iron - activates antioxidant enzymes in your cells
  5. Contains Omega 3 fatty acids - essential for maintaing heart health
  6. It's the best kind of fat - Monosaturated -  the type of fat that reduces cholesterol levels and decreases risk of heart problems 
  7. Hands down the best nut to help maintain blood sugar levels - almonds have been shown to improve diabetes control
  8. Daily consumption lowers risk of weight gain

Like anything, moderation is key. We've been known to finish off a jar (or seven) of almond butter in our day but there's always risk of too much of a good thing. If you're having almond butter in your smoothie, maybe skip the almond milk with your granola, or vice versa.

Ready to get your daily dose? We have 4 awesome almond milks to choose from:

  • Original - Almonds / Dates / Grade B Maple Syrup / Sea Salt - a classic, solid choice
  • Spiced - Almonds / Dates / Grade B Maple Syrup / Sea Salt / Vanilla / Cinnamon - we've been told it tastes like the milk at the bottom of your cereal bowl - yes please!
  • Cacao - Almonds / Dates / Grade B Maple Syrup / Cacao / Sea Salt - slightly sweeter, the healthiest chocoloate milk out there
  • Spicy Cacao -  Almonds / Dates / Grade B Maple Syrup / Cacao / Cinnamon / Vanilla / Cayanne / Sea Salt - think mexican hot chocolate, sweet, warming, day maker

We now offer natural & organic almond butter to create a protein rich, creamy & delicious smoothie! Whole raw organic almonds are also available for purchase - a great on the go snack!

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