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After noticing a solid two inches of roots and enough split ends to justify a serious trim, we felt it was time to pay a visit to one of our favorite hair experts in the Twin Cities, Sarah Peterson at Evolution Salon in Uptown ( We sat down with her, and between treatments, peppered her with questions about hair care.

The enormous size of the hair industry is a pretty good reflection of just how seriously we all take our hair. Some have called it the truest expression of our personalities, while others are content with the same style for years and years. No matter how much time, energy, and creativity you personally invest in your hair, there are a few common practices that Sarah recommends adopting. We asked her what the biggest mistakes people make are (plus how to correct them), and her answers left us feeling enlightened and inspired!

Biggest Mistake #1: Not using the directional nozzle on the hair dryer

The heat from the metal grate on the dryer has direct access to your hair when you do not utilize the nozzle (that attachment that goes on the end of the dryer), which is very damaging and can cause a lot of breakage. This is especially evident on the backs of our heads, as it is harder to see how close we are holding the dryer to our hair. Use the directional nozzle- It helps protect hair from the heat of the dryer!

Biggest Mistake #2: Not using products

Another heat-related issue, skipping the products when styling or drying hair leaves your hair vulnerable to damage, breakage, split ends, etc. As minimalist product users, this one was a little harder to embrace, but after hearing Sarah’s explanation and seeing our own damaged ends, we were ready to invest in a product or two. Products that should be used before drying or styling can be anything you put in your hair when it is wet (post-shower)—detangling spray, keratin oil, heat protection serums, etc. Our favorite product is Minneapolis’ own dpHue Oil:( 

It works wonders in cutting down drying time, protecting hair, and adding shine, and it smells amazing!

*Another note about styling: make sure your hair is 100% dry before using any metal styling tools, as hair is most vulnerable when wet.

Biggest Mistake #3: Over Back-Combing/Teasing

We all like a little extra volume, and most of us are no stranger to the occasional back-combing or teasing technique to add volume at the roots. However, Sarah cautioned against overdoing it, warning that everyday or frequent back-combing breaks the hair and can eventually thin it. When back-combing, be sure to do it very slowly and with purpose. The same goes for brushing it out at the end of the day or night.

Biggest Mistake #4: Washing hair too frequently

We’ve all probably heard that we should wash our hair less often to keep it healthy. Here’s why: over-washing hair strips the natural oils off, leaving the hair drier and drier each time. Although it might take a week or so for our hair to adapt to a less-frequent washing schedule, it will! And it will be worth the healthy hair and shorter getting-ready time! Sarah recommends washing hair two to three times a week.

Thanks to Sarah for the very useful tips and to everyone for reading. Leave us a comment if you have a great technique or trick for keeping your hair healthy!

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