CARE - May Lindstrom Skin

We stumbled upon May Lindstrom Skin by chance and were immediately smitten with the beautiful packaging and strong lineup of organic & biodynamic ingredients.  Finding out she’s a Minnesota native was the cherry on top. While all 6 products in her line look delectable, we decided to try “The Problem Solver” mask first. Promising, “clear and luminous skin that will have people asking for your secret,” we were sold.

We ordered the mask off May’s website (eye candy alert) and received it shortly after with a hand-written note thanking us for the purchase. Now that’s customer service. The mask comes in powder form – to activate it we followed the instructions of mixing 1 tablespoon mask with 1 tablespoon water to form a soft mousse. May even included an applicator brush with our order for free, but fingers work just as well. Next apply the mask and 45 minutes later emerge flawless. Well not quite, but almost. Warning: the mask is a little messy, (we recommend rinsing it off in the shower), but it’s worth it. The afterglow here is no joke.

What really stood out to us in all of May’s products are the ingredients. This mask contains clay, raw cacao, charcoal, cinnamon, turmeric, and cayenne – among other all-stars. While it’s tempting to eat, the ingredients are clearly chosen carefully. Each is natural and organic and most importantly serves a purpose. No added chemicals, parabans, suflates – the extra junk you want to stay far, far away from. These components work together to deliver on the mask’s claims: tightened pores, reduced inflammation, and overall clearer skin were all observed. It is definitely a luxury item with a price tag to match, but using only 1 tablespoon at a time allows this mask to last you a good amount of time. And looking like you just emerged from a week at a spa doesn’t hurt. Try it now!

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