EAT - Make Your Day Juicy

We all live busy lives – taking care of our bodies and our health usually ends up last on the never-ending to-do list. While a juice cleanse may seem like an intriguing idea in theory, you don’t think you’d be able to block out a full 3 days and do nothing but juice.  We get it, and we sometimes feel the same, which is why we’re introducing the Juicy Day modified cleanse.

What are we talking about? Juicy Day includes drinking 4 juices a day in place of breakfast, lunch, and snacks. We recommend at least 2 of these juices be greens based. Start your day with some warm water and lemon to help wake up your digestive system and metabolism. Then drink four juices throughout the day – one for breakfast, snack, lunch, and another snack - with each juice spaced about 2-3 hours apart. Juices are followed by a clean, healthy, and, if possible, mostly raw dinner. We strongly recommend no dairy, gluten, meat, caffeine, refined sugars or alcohol be a part of your dinner (all the fun stuff, we know).

Is this still technically a cleanse? Yes. While less intense than a traditional juice cleanse, juicing throughout the day gives your digestive system a break, while still absorbing vital nutrients. Eating clean, unprocessed foods for dinner further aids this process. 

You will see similar benefits as you would during a full-on juice cleanse – more energy, potential weight loss, clearer thoughts. Most importantly, a better understanding of what your body really needs and when.

Why and when should I try this? If you’ve been putting off trying a juice cleanse because you just can’t find the right time, this is a great alternative. Juicing throughout the day allows you to maintain your evening obligations – whether it’s work, family, or friends. Juicy days can be done whenever and as often as fits in with your schedule. As with any dietary change, make sure this works for you. Everyone has different needs, there is no one size fits all cleanse.

What are some ideas for dinner? Salads, steamed vegetables, and simple soups are all great options. Our pinterest board has some delicious recipes.

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