#JuiceLife: Behind-The-Scenes at Truce

We're back with more behind-the-scenes photos from our shop! Take a look to see what goes into our fresh-pressed juices and new salads (have you tried one yet??). If you've ever wondered how much organic produce we use every morning to make our juice, this will give you an idea...

#JuiceLife  December 1 - 15 [scroll down for photos]

  1. Yes, those greens are all for one juice. And yes, Shannon really loves her job.
  2. Can you name all of these? Hint: they're about to be pressed into Hardcore Greens.
  3. Alex has been wearing a different Christmas sweater every day in December. Wow.
  4. Almost too pretty to drink.
  5. Julia hand-crafting our new Isles salad. 
  6. When the speaker is being used up front, the kitchen has to improvise for music.
  7. One Calhoun salad down, many to go.
  8. A little kitchen inspiration. (Feel free to steal it for a future Instagram.)
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