Why We ❤ The Twin Cities: Gray Duck Chai

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When I went to pick up some Gray Duck Chai at Kowalski's a week ago, I had a tough time finding it in the store. An employee pointed me in the right direction but said, "Good luck. That stuff sells out the day we get it."

Thankfully he was wrong and I got my hands on a bottle of their Nine Spice Blend as well as their Burnt Sugar + Ginger recipe. It had been a gray and dreary day so I instantly went home and warmed some up with Truce's homemade Almond Milk. I was instantly addicted. It's warm and spicy and cozy and rejuvenating—everything you need to get through our Minnesota winters.

We at Truce have a lot in common with Gray Duck Chai. Their chai is hand brewed in Minnesota, our juice is fresh pressed right in our Minneapolis store. They only use organic tea, we exclusively use organic produce. Also, a more recent comparison, you can find their chai and our juice at the Dogwood coffee bar in North Loop's Shinola.

So next time you're there, grab a green Truce juice and a Gray Duck Chai latte. Day—made. 

- Alex

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