#JuiceLife: Behind-The-Scenes at Truce

A lot of people come through our door every day, but how much do you know about Truce? Did you know our shop is owned and operated by two Minnesotan women? That there's only one Truce in the world? That we fresh press the juice in our uptown shop every day? There's really no place like it in the Twin Cities—whether we're talking about our 100% organic, unpasteurized juice or our 100% bomb.com employees that make it all possible. So we thought we'd start a new blog that gives you a look into the day-to-day happenings of our shop...

#JuiceLife ❀ November 17-23 [scroll down for photos]

  1. It snowed—again—in November. We made the best of it. 
  2. Perfect combo: the new Askov Finlayson "North" hat + the ultimate winter juice
  3. It was Julia's birthday, so obviously we ordered Pizza Luce.
  4. Shannon post-juicing. 6 a.m. juicing shifts are no joke.
  5. - 10. Craig, one of our all-time favorite juicers, left this week to pursue other dreams. To commemorate his time, here are six of the best photos we could find of his time living the #juicelife.  
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