Why We ❤ The Twin Cities: Zombie Pub Crawl


Truce and the Zombie Pub Crawl aren’t exactly a match made in heaven. On our side you have a serene shop in Uptown serving organic, fresh-pressed juice during the day. On their side you have a rowdy nighttime pre-Halloween extravaganza featuring “The World Brain Eating Championships” and thousands of people covered in fake blood. We still love them though.

I mean, ZPC is a Minnesota tradition! This year marks their 10th incarnation (reincarnation? #rofl). We think that’s pretty amazing. It also means this is definitely the year to go if you’ve never been.

If you’re busy Saturday night but still want to celebrate, or you’re having a Halloween party sometime this month, come by our shop and grab a few bottles of Roots. It’s a beautiful deep red, fitting for the zombie theme, and the healthiest drink you’ll have this Halloween season. Your body will thank you for fueling it with this nutrient-dense juice before going out Saturday or any night this October. 

If you’re going, make sure to get your wristband before Saturday to avoid the hassle. You might even run into some Truce staff that night. Find us at the Red Stage (we’re not going to miss Sugar Ray playing “Every Morning”) and then at Gluek’s watching Gramma’s Boyfriend (Haley Bonar's side project) after the party moves indoors. 

- Alex Lauer

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