You & Truce Oct. 6-12


There were so many perfectly cropped and filtered photos this week—shout out to all you Trucetagrammers—so we picked five that highlight our state of mind right now. 

  1. @orchardarthouse sporting a Truce tank! If you didn’t know, we have t-shirts and tanks available to complete your wardrobe!
  2. @ashhaase found Truce through her Origins Meal. Haven’t heard about our new healthy-eating partnership? Click here to read all about it.
  3. @ilovegreeens halfway through a bottle of Immunity. Yes, the rumors are true, we brought back our immune-boosting apple, lemon, and ginger juice. Along with a bottle of greens, this is our October go-to.
  4. @rentingmpls’s vibrant cleanse pic. When we start to get sluggish in the autumn months, we always go for a cleanse to give us the boost we need to stay active and healthy.
  5. @kate_lustre’s serene snap of our shop. This is our happy place, especially with the colder temperatures. Come visit us, grab a juice, and watch it being pressed fresh every day!

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