Why We ❤ The Twin Cities: Dunn Bros & Dogwood Coffee

Everyone knows it’s PSL season, but I’m not ready to give up my cold press yet. Coffee, that is. Specifically I’m talking about Dunn Bros’ Infinite Black cold press mixed with some of Truce’s house made almond milk. I go for our classic blend, though I know a lot of you are die-hard Cacao and Spicy Cacao fans.

Haven’t tried this before? Next time you’re at one of the many Dunn Bros locations around town, pick up a refillable growler of their cold press. Then you’ll always have a stash ready to mix with some of our almond milk in the morning or as a tasty afternoon pick-me-up. Another awesome option? Anywhere that serves Dogwood Coffee - including their new East Lake Street outpost that we're super excited about.

You know, trendy coffee houses come and go, but we love places like Dunn Bros & Dogwood because they're Minnesota staples that continue to grow without losing heart. Don’t know the story? You can definitely read about Dunn Bros online, but I suggest heading over to the cafe on Grand Avenue in St. Paul instead. That’s where it all started. Meet me there and we’ll refill our growlers.

-Alex Lauer



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